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The Physician Payments Sunshine Act is designed to increase transparency around the financial relationships between physicians, teaching hospitals and manufacturers of drugs, medical devices and biologics.

(CMS) fulfills the law’s mandate via the Open Payments Portal. Manufacturers now must submit annual data on payment and transfers of value made to covered recipients. Physicians have limited time to review their Open Payments data and dispute errors before public release.

This vulnerability has led many physicians to decrease or eliminate the number of marketing interactions with pharmaceutical/ medical device representatives.


About Us


Our Solution

The PCS app completely eliminates the need for physicians to dispute inaccurate charges from pharmaceutical/medical representatives. The truest and most accurate aggregate spend would be shared between the pharmaceutical/medical companies and the physicians.


Pharma’s Compliance Solutions (PCS) is a digital, web-based application, created to address the government-mandated compliance for the pharmaceutical/medical industry, as it pertains to The Physician Payments Sunshine Act. PCS provides a timely, transparent solution to optimize the marketing strategies used by the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.


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